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Dr. LoRanée Braun assumes co-ownership of Eugene Pediatrics Associates

2020-07-08T09:09:34+00:00Jul 8th, 2020|From Dr. B|

I am excited to announce that Dr. LoRanée Braun is joining me as a co-owner of Eugene Pediatric Associates. This move represents a significant advancement in the leadership of Eugene Pediatrics and Thrive Behavioral Health, which is now on an intentional path away from single-physician ownership and moving toward a practice that is owned and operated by multiple physicians.

Child vaccinations down across the country amid coronavirus fears

2020-06-08T11:52:22+00:00Jun 8th, 2020|Healthy Kids with Kelli Warner|

Pediatricians at Eugene Pediatric Associates, and across the country, are seeing a dangerous decline in the number of kids getting immunized. When the COVID-19 health crisis began, most people stopped going to the doctor unless they were sick or injured, that included families who chose to postpone their well-child checkups.

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